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Post by Jcc2224 on Tue Nov 29, 2011 11:32 pm

These are rules and guidelines for The Palace of Star Wars. We ask that you follow them to ensure a safe and welcome community. You may reply in this topic regarding any rules, questions, etc.

A.) Age and Maturity Requirements:
Age: Currently The Palace of Star Wars allows member of all ages as long as they are mature enough to meet our rules below. As long as you follow these rules, regardless of your age, you will have no issues here. If you aren't mature enough to follow these rules even remotely we ask that you don't even sign up until you mature a bit. If you can't follow all of the guidelines to a point that is okay. We will give you time to mature and try to help you out. This does not mean you will get a "Get Out Of Jail Free" card every time you make a mistake. If you have any concerns on this issue feel free to email me personally at:

B.) Spam and Off-Topic Posts:
Spam: We ask that you do not post spam in any topic, even in the Community Discussion forum. It's a discussion, not a spam fest. You will be given a couple warnings on spam before more severe action is taken. Spam is taken as more severe as Off-Topic Posts.

Off-Topic Post: We know it is easy to get off topic and start discussing random topics and discussing subjects in the wrong place. There is a Community Discussion Thread for you to post such things in. You will be given several warnings on Off-Topic Posts before further action is taken. Off-Topic Posts are taken lighter than spam because it is often intentional and not too harmful.

C.) Language, Formatting, and Etiquette
Language: First of all we know that members from all around the world read this site and it is okay if your English is not perfect. As long as it can be read without much difficulty it is acceptable. We ask that you do type in the English Language and not any other. Chances are you will be the only one who can read it without translating it. Do not use abbreviations excessively, TLG, OT, PT, SW, CW, PM, etc. are fine but don't abbreviate things that are not commonly abbreviated. Chances are not many will understand you. Do not use texting language here. Use the correct letters and character. Take pride in your posts.

Formatting: First of all do not repeat letters or symbols. One or two exclamation points will do. Do not use all caps! The only time these are allowed is when the Staff decided to make a note to address a common issue in a topic. They are in all caps to ensure they are read. Do not use large font sizes or odd font colours. Again these are only allowed for Staff Notes. You may use most colours in the Chat Box though, but make sure it's readable and easy on the eyes. Do not use more than ten emotions if you have a large post please separate it into sections so it can be read. Also do not have excessive separations. Also don't use any of the other posting options as a toy.

Etiquette: We ask that you do not use curse words and phrases or any other offensive gestures. This is a site of any ages of members as long as they are mature enough to carry on a decent conversation. Please do not set a bad role model for them or teach them things they don't know. Do not be rude or offensive towards other members. Even if they are being irrational please be civil in your response. Being rude and irrational back is just going to cause more issues.

D.) Proper Subject Matter:
Subject Matter: We ask that the following topics not be discussed here: Politics, Excessive Violence, War, Controversial Matters, Hate Groups, Discrimination, Religion, etc.

E.) Image Hosting, Posting, and Avatars:
Hosting: You may host images here and send them to the gallery as long as they are Star Wars related and appropriate, or fit the criteria of other topics. We will only accept Star Wars related images in the gallery as well as other topics in out forum, but you may host other images using our image host as long as they are appropriate and follow the guidelines below.

Posting: Please only post Star Wars related pictures, pictures from other topics in our forum (GI.Joe, etc.) and appropriate pictures. Also do not post excessively large images. Yes the forum automatically resizes them but it still loads the full image first and can present issues with computers and the forum.

Avatars: We ask that avatars are of appropriate content and not offensive, or demeaning in anyway. They should meet the standards of every rule posted above. Please try to keep them around 200X200. They don't have to be square and can be bigger. You should know what is acceptable. GIFs (or moving images) are permitted as avatars if they are decently sized and appropriate. If you break these rules often you will lose your right to have an avatar.

~* Important Notice on Pictures! *~
We do not allow images with the "Confidential" or "Preliminary" Watermarked images to be posted or hosted here in any way. You may link to a picture with watermarks but do not deep link these images. They will be removed and you will receive a reminder.

F.) Signature Requirements:
You may have a few images as long as they are not overly large and distracting. If they are you will receive a PM from a Staff Member asking you to resize it. You may have text and links as long as they fit the above guidelines and it does not take up much space. If there is too much text you will receive a PM from a Staff Member asking you to shrink it down.

G.) Personal Messages:
Messages: All rules that are stated in this topic apply to Personal Messages. Even though we cannot see it the recipient will report and action will be taken.

H.) Mini-Modding and Staff
Mini-Modding: You are permitted to correct someone on an obvious error or direct the conversation back on topic once in a while. This is the Staff's job but we believe that the members have the right to correct themselves once in a while. If you Mini-Mod too much you will be asked to cease and not be allowed to Mini-Mod in the future.

Staff: Respect the Staff and their actions. Trust their judgment and please be kind to them. They are just doing their job. Currently on The Palace of Star Wars the Staff Panel consists of Two Administrators, one Moderator, and One Guardsman. Treat them all with respect. If you do believe that a Staff had made an error or misjudged something please PM them or myself about the issue. We are willing to look into it and sort things out so the situation does not occur again.

Thank you for taking the time to read these rules and please follow them so The Palace of Star Wars can be a great forum!

Best regards,
The Palace of Star Wars Staff
Forum Rules written by JCC1004

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